East complements West



Most of us are living hectic, stressed filled lives that leave very little time for self-care and nurturing. Often we only find the motivation to make lifestyle changes when crisis strikes, a bad test result comes back from your physician or the reflection you see in the mirror is someone you no longer recognize. This sudden jolt of reality can light a fire underneath you to aggressively overhaul your life. You ambitiously set up a plan to change, which is often impossible to maintain. Failing to follow through with this new improved life plan results in the belief that it’s too late to really change, and your health issues get pushed to the back of your mind.

Traditional Chinese Medicine philosophy emphasizes prevention as the best way to maintain health. Seeing your state of health as a moving picture, rather than a series of disconnected frames, will allow you to see how cause and effect have resulted in your current state of health.

Healing does not mean throwing away your current life, it means focusing on identifying those pieces that are contributing to feeling unwell. Even one small change can create a profound impact on your physical, emotional and spiritual balance. Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine is the perfect complement to our traditional medical system, with its emphasis on holism and prevention.