Fertility Checklist

Trying naturally:
  1. Have you been trying for a year to conceive?
  2. Do you know when you ovulate? Have you chosen a method of predicting ovulation that is both accurate and suitable for your lifestyle?
  3. Have you had a gynecological exam, including STD testing?
  4. Has your partner been tested to rule out male factor issues, STD’s or other physical complications?
  5. Have you been tracking your cycle for at least 3 months, including menstrual history, presence of cervical mucous and PMS symptoms?

Trying with ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology)

  1. Have you and your partner had thorough baseline testing performed, including a complete annual physical examination and blood tests?
  2. Have you kept records of your natural cycles for your specialist to review?
  3. Do you and your partner have a plan for managing stress and maintaining emotional balance in your lives while going through ART?
  4. Do you have a good person to talk to about your concerns, a non-family member, therapist or support group?
  5. Are you keeping a complete and detailed journal of all testing, drug protocols and your response to each ART cycle? Many cycles have been saved by well informed patients who have kept journals during treatment and have discovered discrepancies and mistakes.