Buddha nest 2Many men and women come to our clinic with a primary complaint of infertility. In Chinese Medicine, infertility can be attributed to imbalances in the energy conduction system called meridians. There are 12 main meridians that function to supply energy to the many different systems of the body, including the reproductive system. When one or more of these meridians lacks energy or has excess energy there can be a difficulty in conceiving.

Enhancing Fertility
More men and women are seeking out complementary treatments such as Acupuncture for infertility. Although the main complaint of infertility is the common denominator among the patients that visit our Center, the diagnosis and treatment they receive will be as unique as the client themselves. The reason for this is that each patient will bring their own distinctive diagnosis and medical history with them to the initial consultation.

Meeting with your practitioner for the first time can be a very exciting and informative session. Your practitioner has been trained to ask very specific questions that will gather information about your health history so that a health profile can be created for you. The information collected during the initial consultation will help your practitioner tailor a treatment plan to meet your specific individual needs. It is not unusual for your practitioner to suggest lifestyle modification regarding your diet, exercise regimen and sleep patterns as they relate to your meridian system and your reproductive health.

Occasionally, Acupuncture may not be the first choice of treatment. Your practitioner may suggest another modality more suitable for your specific needs. These modalities may include herbal medicine, psychotherapy, nutritional counseling and homeopathy. We have cultivated a network of practitioners with whom we refer to and who share a commitment to deliver exceptional care to you, our client.

At the Center we believe that Western and Eastern medicine can coexist as an integrated and complementary medical practice. In accordance with this belief, we have fostered professional relationships with many local Western physicians, with the explicit desire to deliver cohesive, reciprocal medical care to our clients. For this reason, it is not unusual for a patient in our practice to be receiving Western and Eastern medicine treatment concurrently.

While we cannot guarantee that you will become pregnant using our methods, we can offer an opportunity of becoming healthier and creating the best possible environment for conception to take place. Each case presents its own challenges to both client and practitioner, but we welcome the opportunity to get you started on the road to health and balance. We look forward to meeting you!