Getting ready for baby

It’s not uncommon for women to experience anxiety as their due date is approaching. Getting ready, mind, body and spirit, can help the transition into motherhood be an easier one. If you have not been receiving regular Acupuncture treatments throughout your pregnancy, I suggest that you start at week 34 to begin preparing for delivery. During this time we can address the anxieties and fears that start to show up as well as relax the low back allowing the baby to sink into position.

Breech presentation can also be addressed by treating an Acupuncture point on the outside corner of the small toe of the foot (Bladder pt # 67) with Acupuncture and moxibustion (herbal heating medium). The combination of the two modalities has been shown to be effective. If a breech position is suspected, treatment should begin immediately, the earlier the better, starting at week 32 and going no later than week 36 as the baby may be too big to shift position. It’s important to be seen by a medical doctor to be sure shifting the baby’s position is safe.

In a 2004 Italian study, 240 women during weeks 33-35 of gestation, carrying breech presentation were randomized to receive acupuncture plus moxibustion or to be assigned to an observation group. At delivery, the percentage of babies that had turned from breech position to head-down position was 53.6 % in the group treated with acupuncture/moxa while those in the observation group that had turned was 36.7%.

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