Seeds and Soil

I call the first step of my fertility program, “seeds and soil.” My focus is on boosting your body’s vitality and energy, and teaching you about what’s naturally happening each week of the month from a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) perspective. I address the energetic imbalances in your body that may result in PMS, cycle length and ovulation irregularities, as well as menstrual flow inconsistencies. When I read your pulse I will be looking for imbalances in the 12 main energetic pathways or meridians that result in difficulty conceiving.

I like to see a woman have her cycle arrive once per month. This will allow the doors each week of the month to open and close, allowing for the correct hormonal shifts needed to allow for conception and for the egg (seed) and lining (soil) to be in sync. Often I’m asked if there is an optimal time in the month to start treatment, the answer is no, you can begin any time during the cycle to assist the body with what’s already happening naturally. This way precious time isn’t lost and treatment can start right away for those eager to get going.

How Acupuncture can help each week of the cycle.
When a woman has her period, it’s key that the menstrual blood has a clear path to leave the body. Mobilizing the chi (energy) of the body allows for the blood to be escorted completely from the body and reduces the discomfort of cramping that may come with her period.  A healthy menstrual flow should be bright red, have consistent movement, meaning, it doesn’t stop and start, should be without clotting or cramping, arriving and finishing within a total of 7 days.

Once the period has finished, rebuilding Yin (blood and body fluids) is essential for the recruitment and maturation of eggs and cervical mucous production. Lack of cervical mucous in Chinese Medicine is a sign that yin and blood need replenishing. It’s also important to build and chi now to warm up the body as it heads toward mid cycle, when heat is needed for the LH surge and ovulation.  Once the egg has been released and fertilization has been attempted, it’s important to protect the internal environment. Maintaining the body’s warmth and chi reserve is essential for the potentially growing embryo. A healthy and supportive diet that maintains energy levels in the body while simultaneously reducing stress, can go a long way to helping create a positive outcome.