Rebalancing your body after baby

One of the best things you can do for your body after pregnancy and delivery is to replenish the lost energy and fluids, this way everyday demands of new motherhood and trying for baby number two won’t be so challenging.

In many cultures it isn’t out of the ordinary to collect all the female relatives and descend on the home of the new mother in the family. The belief is that the new mother has accomplished a huge task and now needs some care to regain her strength and vitality to step into her new role. Teas and soups from family recipes are made for both baby and turns are taken caring for the baby’s needs so Mommy can get some well-deserved rest. Unfortunately, in our culture we often think a woman is ready to resume her life duties the minute she is discharge from the hospital. Rebuilding and resetting the body after childbirth can help avoid some of the common issues women face after pregnancy. Exhaustion, post-partum depression, mastitis, insufficient lactation, are just some of the signs that her body needs care, proper nutrition and rest.

I recommend that a new Mommy comes in for treatment as early as 3 weeks after she has delivered her baby to begin creating balance in her body again. I recommend a healing diet of foods that nourish and warm in combination with Acupuncture and moxibustion treatment.