Your first visit to our Center

When you arrive: 

Once you have arrived at the Center, you will need to be buzzed into the clinic from the first floor vestibule. My clinic does not use the phone system in the vestibule, instead there is a placard to the right of the mailboxes that says, “Center for Complementary Medicine.” Press the red buzzer” below the placard to let me know you have arrived and I will buzz the front door open. Please come up to the second floor and through the double white doors. If someone is not available to greet you, please make yourself comfortable in our waiting room. There is herbal tea, a fantastic magazine selection and spring water there for your enjoyment.

Your first visit: 

Your first appointment, the initial consultation, lasts 90 minutes. This time includes a detailed health history intake, lifestyle inventory, diagnosis of tongue and pulse and if time permits, an Acupuncture treatment. You can use the entire time to discuss your health history, health concerns, to ask questions or to set goals. If the issues you want to address do not have a long, complicated history needing explanation, you can split your time between discussion and treatment and receive your first Acupuncture treatment during this first session. The 90 minutes are yours to use as you wish.

How to prepare for your appointments:

  • Try to have a small meal or snack 60 minutes before your appointment. Please do not have alcohol or use recreational drugs on the day you are coming in for treatment. Your practitioner has the right to cancel your appointment if you arrive for treatment under the influence of drugs or alcohol and you will be responsible for the full fee for service if it is cancelled for such reasons.
  • Please wear loose, comfortable clothing as Acupuncture therapy requires the palpation of various parts of the body, such as arms, legs, back, and abdomen. Yoga or exercise type clothing works very well. You may also bring clothing to change into if you are coming from an event or work.  If that is impossible, not to worry, draping will be provided to ensure modesty.
  • Please try to arrive 5-10 minutes before for your appointment in case you need to use the lavatory, request a receipt for services rendered or if you need a few minutes to relax and enjoy seasonal herbal tea or spring water before your session.
  • In consideration of our environmentally sensitive patients, we ask that you refrain from wearing perfume or strongly scented oils/toiletries/lotions on the day you visit the Center. Please also refrain from wearing excessive jewelry as some metals may interfere with Acupuncture therapy.
  • We appreciate that everyone has different personal hygiene practices, but we ask that you shower and use deodorant on the days you visit the Center.
  • Once you arrive at the Center, please turn your cell phone off. If you need to make a call, kindly do so in the vestibule or hallway before your session begins, to avoid disrupting others while they are in treatment. For emergency purposes, you may keep your phone close to your person in a non-ringing mode.