5 Element Dietary Therapy

The way your Acupuncturist knows what your body needs is revealed when reading the pulse and observing the appearance of the tongue. Pulse diagnosis reveals the imbalances in a person’s body that have accumulated over time. More often than not, these imbalances were created by poor lifestyle and self-care habits, rather than family medical history. Traditional Chinese medicine theory supposes that “predisposition is not pre-destiny,” and how you care for your body will determine whether or not you follow along behind your family health history.

Food is medicine
Food is medicine

Each of the 12 meridians, or energetic pathways can become deficient (under functioning) or excess (over functioning) giving rise to the symptoms you experience. Each meridian also has an element it is associated with, either fire, earth, metal, water or wood. So when I read your pulse and look at your tongue, I know which meridians are not functioning properly and which elements need balancing. This is where diet can play a very important role in re-establishing health. What you eat and drink has a dramatic impact on your health.

By knowing which elements need correction, you can choose foods that “feed” them. Many people will naturally gravitate toward foods that their bodies need, and will often remark, that they have been craving a certain food that’s not usually a part of their regular dietary repertoire. This is the body’s way of gently nudging you toward health and balance. Eating the foods that your body needs is a powerful supportive adjunct to your Acupuncture treatments. Eating well is “homework” that goes a long way toward teaching your body how to heal itself.

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