The “Secret” Soup


Soup is on!
Secret Soup!

The back story behind the creation of this soup started early on in my practice, when I needed a way to build the chi (energy) of the patients that were coming to me wanting to boost their fertility in a natural way. I was finding that most of the patients I was seeing shared a common trait of being exhausted, having burned the candle at both ends for years. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, one of the first things we think about when someone is exhausted is to limit the draining activities that are contributing to their exhaustion, then create better chi through the quality of the food in their diets.

The way I think of  infertility is an energetic “brown out” state in the body. When the body has enough energy to run all of its various functions, taking care of the daily demands and even handling unpredictable situations that pop up, the body hums along without incident. When, however, the person has been pushing  too hard for years and never fully replenishing their energy, the system is running but with low quality output. Fertility energy can function like credit reserve. When this energy is not engaged in making a baby, its energy can be called upon to maintain the proper daily functioning of the body and keep us moving forward meeting the demands of daily life.

My goal is creating the soup recipe was to help my patients rebuild their energy and to help them create better self-care habits. Food was my first thought because of its ability to nourish. The quality of what we eat determines quality if the energy we get to use every day, it’s something we can all relate to.  I came up with a simple, tasty herbal soup recipe that could nourish their tired bodies and at the same time help them participate in caring for them selves in a way that wasn’t too demanding….and so my soup recipe was born.  The name came from my patients who had used the soup and coined the phrase “secret soup, “ as a way to describe it. From that point on it was called the “secret soup,” but I guess it isn’t such a secret any more!