Auriculotherapy…Ear Acupuncture

I’m sorry, did I hear you correctly…Ear Acupuncture?

Auriculotherapy or ear Acupuncture is a unique application of the Chinese medicine modality that uses tiny reflexology points on the ear to treat the entire body. Stimulating these points act like a switchboard sending impulse messaging from the ear to the brain and then on to the body.
Although Ear Acupuncture is associated with ancient Chinese medical practices, it actually has made its round in other parts of the world. Modern ear Acupuncture was first tested by doctor Paul Nogier in France in the 1950’s while the first application for addiction recovery (NADA protocol) was created in the U.S. during the end of the 1980’s.
Treatment can last from 10-45 minutes with the average time being 30 minutes. This style of Acupuncture is most well known for weight loss, stress reduction, pain management, smoking cessation but it can also be helpful in stimulating the endocrine system for help with infertility.  Once you have had your treatment, “press balls” made from either silver, gold or a seed from a plant is applied to Acupuncture points specific to your particular needs. The ball or seed held in place by small oval piece of adhesive, providing a small amount of pressure to the ear point. You can wear them for up to a week, provided you keep them clean and protect them during showering or physical activity.

**** This style of Acupuncture is great if you are short on time (30 minute stress reducer) or as an addition to your regular Acupuncture treatment.