Moxa and Chen Pi
Moxa wool and Chen Pi

It is not unusual to smell an odd odor similar to incense when you come into our Center. This smell is coming from an herb called Artemesia Vulgaris, “Mugwort” also known as “moxa” in the TCM clinic. This herb has been historically used as a transfer medium to warm areas of the body that are cold or to move energy has become congested and stuck. 

Moxa comes in many forms; loose wool that is shaped into cones, cigars, threads and plasters, to be used on various parts of the body. The warmth created by the burning of moxa creates a sensory experience that can only be described as deeply relaxing. Moxa can also be used at home for “homework” to continue the warming process that was started during treatment.

 When you combine the smell, the warmth and its therapeutic effect, it’s no surprise that moxa is so widely requested by clients.

*** Moxibustion can be a stand alone treatment (30 minutes) or it can be part of your Acupuncture  treatment session.

(For those that are chemically sensitive, suffer from respiratory ailments or who do not enjoy the smell, we have therapeutic heat lamps that deliver similar warming effects without the application of this herb).